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NEW!  Leading minds in autism brain research talk about the science of recovery... the brain can and does heal itself!

Big Picture

Sample ABBLS Report

Sample Development Grid

Sample Spreadsheet to Calculate Weekly Hours

Sample Vineland Report

Milestone Chart


Sample ABA Program

Sample ABBLS report


Cheat sheet for working with schools

Classmate Letter

Sample IEP

Sensory Diet Template

Sensory Handouts


In-Home Sensory Support Guide

In-School Sensory Diet Template

Sensory Checklist -- What I Need

Sensory Checklist -- What To Do

Social Development

Parent-Caregiver Play Schedule

Silly Mommy/Daddy Games

Social Stories & Schedules

Schedule - Choose an Outing!

Schedule - Doctor Visit

Schedule - Party

Social Story - Trick or Treat


Talking Sheet -- Trip to Zoo

Talking Sheet -- What I Like


My Autism Bill of Rights

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